Hormone Optimizing Program for Women

Hormone Optimizing Program for Women

Menopause is supposed to be natural. Why am I having such a tough time with it?
I’ve lost my motivation, my self-confidence, my libido, my spark. Is it my hormones? My thyroid? Menopause?
How do I get back to feeling myself again?

What is Hormone Optimization?
There is complex interplay among estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid hormones, the adrenal/stress hormones cortisol, DHEA and their metabolites. Hormone optimization is the art and science of diagnosing these hormonal imbalances, then formulating a comprehensive treatment plan based on these results.
Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario have prescribing rights for bioidentical hormones and natural thyroid hormone, which makes your Naturopathic Doctor well-equipped to provide a holistic, effective, empowering hormone balancing plan.

How do I get started?
Just call or email us to schedule your initial consultation and assessment

Step 1: Initial consultation and assessment

During the initial consultation we’ll review all aspects of your health including digestion, immunity, metabolism, mental health, family history, exercise and dietary habits. You’ll complete a detailed hormone questionnaire, and when indicated, a requisition for hormone testing. Hormone testing may include comprehensive thyroid bloodwork, estrogen/progesterone/testosterone levels and adrenal hormones. All women proceeding to bioidentical hormone replacement require baseline hormone testing. On the first appointment you’ll be started on your Hormone Optimizing Nutrition Plan with support materials including shopping list and recipes. There’s more to hormone balance than hormone replacement!

Step 2: Follow up

During follow up appointments we review the results of your testing and review your progress. You may receive recommendations for herbal therapy or prescriptions for bioidentical hormone therapy depending on need and preference. We review risks, benefits and side effects associated with each of your treatment options including bioidentical prescription hormone creams.

Step 3: Monitoring and Maintenance
Follow ups are scheduled every 2 weeks until momentum is established, then monthly, seasonally, then semi-annually to monitor progress, order labwork when indicated, and provide prescription refills as necessary.

  • You may be a candidate for this program if you’re:
    • experiencing pre-menstrual symptoms that affect your quality of life
    • in your mid 30’s or 40’s and noticing changes in your cycle (regularity, flow)
    • looking for ways to ease the menopausal transition including hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, metabolism or mood changes
    • contemplating pregnancy and want to optimize hormone status and gain greater fertility awareness
    • experiencing depression, fatigue that worsens before your period or since menopause
    • experiencing low libido, lower self-confidence
    • having problems losing weight despite best efforts
    • feeling older than your age

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How can we help YOU?

How can we help YOU?