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Elapromed Microcurrent Treatments for Skin and Scalp

Posted: 2018-10-31 11:24 Permanent Link

Elapromed Microcurrent Treatments for Skin and Scalp

Julia Fountain ND

Elapromed microcurrent treatments provide non-invasive treatments for skin conditions. Small electronic micro-impulses pass through a stylus and roller to increase the permeability of the cell membrane, allowing for the uptake of up to 70ml of botanical and nutrient compounds directly into the skin. This process, known as electroporation, goes beyond ‘scratching the surface’ to allow skin permeability for around 2 minutes before the stratum cornea‚Äôs natural protection properties reinstate. Electroporation can be an effective delivery system for nutrients such as hylauronic acid (to improve skin hydration and elasticity), magnesium chloride (to relax muscles of face and body), niacinamide (to decrease redness, inflammation, acne), gingko (to improve circulation to the skin and scalp) and numerous other nutrients and botanicals that nourish the skin, scalp and body.

Elapromed microcurrent treatments are indicated for:
Skin redness/Rosacea
Dehydrated or mature skin that needs TLC
Stimulating scalp circulation and healthy hair growth

It is a safe treatment for adults and teens. It is not recommended for pregnant women.

How many sessions are required?
Some individuals will notice the feel and appearance of their skin improves after just one treatment. However, significant lasting results usually occur after 3-6 weekly treatments. The effects can be maintained with regular maintenance treatments or as needed depending on the skin condition being treated.

How do I schedule treatments?
Treatments are 45 minutes in length, are non-invasive and relaxing. Existing naturopathic clients can schedule their ‘elapro skin treatment’ by email or online . New naturopathic clients would start with the initial consultation/assessment.

These treatments may be reimbursable through extended health benefits for naturopathic care.

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How can we help YOU?