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Chinese Medicine Tips on How To Stay Healthy this Fall

Posted: 2017-10-09 16:07 Permanent Link

By Carolyn Dew, Registered Acupuncturist

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the autumn season is linked with the Metal element, the Lung organ system and the emotion of Grief. Here are some tips to encourage your health this Fall:

-Make a list of priorities for you and your family, as fall heightens our innate ability to get stuff done.
-Wear a scarf in order to protect the neck at this time of year.
-As the weather turns cold and the wind picks up, the Lung organ is extra vulnerable to viruses and pathogens.
-Stay hydrated as dryness is common in fall including dry skin, rashes, and constipation.  Drink lots of water and keep your skin moisturized and protected.
-The emotion associated with fall is grief. It’s a good time of year to reflect on unresolved sadness and grief, and try to let it go. 
-Eat warm, cooked food. Trade the salads in for oven-roasted veggies over brown rice. When cooking, add onions, ginger, garlic or mustard—these pungent foods are known to benefit the Lung organ.
-Get Acupuncture if you are susceptible to colds, flus, Lung conditions, or struggle with depression at this time of year.
-Chinese Herbal Medicine can help boost the immune system as well as treat and help prevent respiratory illnesses when acupuncture alone isn’t enough.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Autumn.

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How can we help YOU?