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Blue vs Yellow Corn

Posted: 2018-02-04 20:52 Permanent Link

Blue vs Yellow Corn

Julia Fountain ND

Fast facts about blue corn:

-blue corn is less hybridized and is much less likely to be GMO than yellow corn. Que Pasa, Garden of Eatin’ and Guiltless Gourmet brands are non-GMO project verified.

-blue corn has slightly higher protein content than yellow corn, and it’s higher in the amino lysine which makes it more of a complete protein than yellow corn

-blue corn chips are naturally gluten free (unless they add something containing gluten in manufacturing – still best to check the label). Que Pasa and Guiltless Gourmet are GF certified

-the blue pigment is naturally occurring from anthocyanins, the antioxidants also found in blueberries

-a serving size of blue corn chips is around 14 chips, providing 120-140 calories. In general, estimate 10 calories per chip

-watch sodium levels, they will vary from as low as 40 mg up to 180 mg per serving

-how do they compare to potato chips? Not alot different. Blue corn chips are comparable in calories and fat grams to most brands of potato chips. Some blue corn chips brands (Guiltless Gourmet) have as much sodium as Lay’s potato chips (180 mg per serving), whereas Que Pasa has much less (40 mg sodium per serving). Organic blue corn chips don’t have the MSG that flavoured potato chips do, but the healthiest part about chips and salsa…is the salsa. So go light on the chips and generous with the salsa!

My favourite brands (in order):
1) Que Pasa blue corn chips. These are non-GMO project verified, certified organic, certified GF, lower in sodium than most (40 mg/serving) and they’re made in Canada!
2) Garden of Eatin’ . These have a baked corn chip option (50% less fat). They’re also non-GMO project verified but a little higher in sodium (60 mg)
3) PC Organics blue corn chips. These are organic but not non-GMO project verified, nor GF certified. They are mid-range on sodium levels (90 mg/serving)
4) Guiltless Gourmet. This brand is non-GMO, certified GF, baked (50% less fat) but 4x more sodium than Que Pasa (180 mg/serving)

Happy snacking!

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